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PO Samtalspartner is a small company based in Uppsala Sweden offering psychoterapi/gestaltterapi, coaching, mentorship and management consulting to individuals, families, organisations and companies.

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My name is Per-Otto Sylwan. I live in Uppsala and i have been working as a Gestalt therapist for more than 35 years. My main profession is to help people and make them feel content and good about their lives.

My background and education is broad with university degrees in biologi/physiologi, law, gestalt therapy and drama.
I am also an educated practitioner of zenmeditation and Tai chi chuan. My teacher in Zen and Tai Chi during the years 1975-1984 was Jacgues Dropsy fom Paris, France.

I like helping people and in my profession I regularly experience stimulating meetings with people who want to improve their lives and make life more meaningful


University degees at the university in Uppsala: Biologi(spec physiologi)1974, Drama 1976, Law 1988. Assisting teacher in Zoophysiologi 1971-74. Drama teacher 1976-79. Diplomated Gestalttherapist since 1981. Gestalttherapy training 1978-81, 1350 hours at Stockholm Gestaltcenter in cooperation with "An International Gestalt Training Community". Main taecher Sidney Gershensson, LSCW, Lic No 2988 State of California and assisting teacher Jerry Cogan. Swedish teacher Torbjörn Fjällström. During training 1611 hours of therapeutic work and training plus supervised therapeutic work with group therapy 1130 hours and with individuals 431 hours. Total hours of training 2961,(1350 hours theory and 1611 hours practical work.

Training as a laser therapist working with Low level medical lasers 2005-06 and after this on going training and devlopment of methods from 2007. Accepted member of Swedish Laser Medical Society, SLMS 2007. In the year 2022 author of a short manual for laser therapists.

During the years 1989-2002 active as a part time politician at high level in the region of Uppsala/Stockholm and among several other things working in the board of the big Academic hospital in Uppsala for 7 years.
In the year 2002 I left all political commitments and focus on my different areas of work. Apart from psychotherapy and lasertreatment I also work as a fishing guide in Iceland

Main company: Institutet för Kris och Gestaltterapi (IKG), Musikvägen 34, 756 50 Uppsala. Added company name PO Samtalspartner
Phone: +46-708-55 85 33. Website:www.samtalspartner.se

You are wellcome to contact me at: +46-18 – 51 03 62 or
+46-708 – 55 85 33 or mail to    po@samtalspartner.se.

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Mottagningsadress: Kålsängsgränd 10C Uppsala

Webbmaster PO Sylwan Samtalspartner, Musikvägen 34, 756 50 Uppsala, Sweden
Tel: 018-51 03 62 eller 0708-55 85 33

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